Wednesday, June 16, 2010

making-of Prince of Persia

I just wanted to mention that my friends at cgheute have posted an article about Prince of Persia. The interview will provide more detail about the making of the film and the images I had done for it.

"…I spent about three weeks painting thousands of houses and hundreds of minarets for The City of Alamut. The size of the painting was about one meter high and 2 meters wide, and provided detail for several shots all in one image. We just wanted to make sure to give all the information to postproduction for the final 3D model…" read more


Peter Oedekoven said...

Great interview dude!

clifford urban said...

wie immer: informativ, professionel und echt wunderschön.

cliffo x

EDUARDO peña said...

daamm,, man,,,, amazing,, like a lot the sense of space,,, the textures,, and also,, the concept on this one>>>>
all the best man