Saturday, May 24, 2008


Still didn't get around to see the film and I have been told that it did not start off with turbo speed yet. Not sure about the story but the car races sure will be fun.

Two of my concepts I still like to look at and I hope I can show some more stuff on my website too. I guess there will be a book too.


Anders said...

excellent mood on both pieces! hope we can see more too! ^^
but bravo!

Viola Baier said...

haha... Peter, you make me wanna watch a movie who has a protagonist with a forename called Speed! Altough I think everything is too colorful on this movie (visual overstimulation...) I loved your concept art. Much attention to detail!! Please give some information when an art book is available.
Hope to see you soon again! Sunny Greetings,


Thomas von Kummant said...

i would love to see your work again in an art book!!
great work, peter!!!


Benjamin von Eckartsberg said...

Great pieces, Peter.
I would go crazy with motives like that.But you just did it. Are you man or machine? :-)
Let´s see the movie together when you are back from Marokko!

Eric Desideriu said...

Cant wait to buy that book, the concepts are looking great. You worked also on some of the characterdesigns or just on environments?

Kisel.B said...

Great work as always Dude.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your comments everyone.

@eric desideriu: on films I don't do character designs (unless for creatures) since we usually have real actors. Sometimes I get to do some costume illustration but in general they've got their own department and designers.

Anonymous said...

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